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Every drop counts and every step is important

Last week, United Nations peacekeepers in UNIFIL, Lebanon responded to the blood donation request of the local population and the Lebanon Red Cross. Lebanon is daily facing extreme lack of blood supplies, especially during the month of Ramadan, when Muslim people cannot donate. In this respect, on the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day the UNIFIL Sector West Headquarters organised a major blood donation campaign, which will be organised every month and become one of the good practices of UNIFIL’s contribution to the improvement of the situation in the area of responsibility.

Members of the 22nd SAF contingent who were not on duty at the time, also voluntarily joined the campaign like hundreds of peacekeepers from Italy, Ireland and Armenia and donated blood. By donating blood and assisting in the organisation of the campaign this small contingent in number once again showed that despite its small size, the Slovenian Armed Forces is an important and renowned partner.

The donors also included Brigadier General Francesco Olla and Commander of UNIFIL Sector West Michael Baery. The latter emphasized in his statement that even that small blood donation contributed to the mission’s final goal, which is to establish a secure and stable environment in southern Lebanon.