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eFP Battle Group Latvia certification exercise - CERTEX

Certification of the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia took place between 26 February and 11 March.

Exercise scenario included alarming, movement to assembly areas, as well as fixing and defence manoeuvres, all aiming at establishing conditions for a counter-attack and finally an attack. The goal of the certification exercise was to determine whether eFP BG LVA units had been successfully integrated and are able to operate within various scenarios.

The second Slovenian Contingent has proven its successful integration into eFP BG LVA units. During the successfully completed certification, eFP BG LVA had to demonstrate a great deal of inventiveness, competence, and professionalism in an extreme operational environment with temperatures down to –25 °C and plenty of snow.

The exercise concluded the first part of the contingent's activities in Latvia, which will now be followed by a period of numerous exercises with the Latvian Armed Forces and other battle groups, as well as intensive civil-military cooperation activities. These will enable the battle group contribution to the achievement of the common mission.