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Company Sierra takes over operational tasks in the Kosovo area of operations

Upon their arrival to the area of operations, members of the 36th Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) KFOR contingent carried out the necessary training to assume operational duties in Kosovo. Crowd and riot control training, fire phobia training and road obstacle removal training were carried out for the company to synchronise all the procedures necessary to operate within the Multinational Battle Group West.

During their preparation period, contingent members also took part in exercise Silver Sabre 2017-2 where the main purpose was to validate the interoperability of units as well as to synchronise and ensure common perception of the roles, tactics, techniques and capabilities of all security elements operating in Kosovo.

In the final part, KFOR Commander Major General Giovanni Fungo said that the exercise had once again demonstrated the troops’ professionalism, dedication, trust and commitment of all nations providing for the stability in Kosovo.

Photo: Private Sanel Vukalić