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Ceremony marking the return of the 5th Slovenian eFP contingent

On Friday, 10 January, a ceremony marking the return of members of the 5th Slovenian Enhanced Forward Presence contingent (SVNCON 5 eFP) from Latvia took place at the Edvard Peperko Barracks in Ljubljana. On this occasion, members of the SVNKON 5 eFP were awarded In the Service of Peace medals.

The keynote speaker, Commander of the Combat Support Battalion/ 1st Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Tomaz Žbogar, said that the contingent had constituted a part of the Alliance's largest collective defence asset and that contingent members should be very proud of their contribution to such an important goal. He welcomed them home and thanked their relatives and friends for the support provided during the deployment.

The fifth contingent under the command of Captain Igor Strašek included 41 Slovenian Armed Forces members. The bulk of the contingent consisted of members of the Engineer Company /Combat Support Battalion of the 1st and 72nd Brigades with detached support elements. Contingent members were involved in peacetime activities of the forces, including exercises, training and other peacetime activities. By taking part in the Enhanced Forward Presence, Slovenia expresses its support to the strengthening of NATO’s comprehensive and credible deterrence and defence posture.

Photo: Private Aleksandra Gračner, 1st Brigade