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Ceremony marking the deployment of the 35th Slovenian KFOR Contingent

On Thursday, 6 April, the Edvard Peperko barracks in Ljubljana was the venue of a ceremony marking the deployment of the 35th Slovenian KFOR Contingent (SVNCON 35 KFOR), which will assume tasks in KFOR, Kosovo at the end of this month.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the National Assembly Defence Committee Žan Mahnič, Marjan Dolinšek and Matej Tonin, State Secretary for Defence Miloš Bizjak, MSc, Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces Major General Andrej Osterman, and other guests, family members and friends of contingent members. The keynote speaker at the ceremony was Commander of the SAF 1st Brigade Brigadier General Roman Urbanč who underlined the following: “You will be in charge of a variety of tasks throughout Kosovo. Therefore, the security and safety of you and your fellow combatants should always be your first priority. I know, however, that you have had successful preparation, which will facilitate your performance during your mandate. Remain aware that you are members of the Slovenian Armed Forces which enjoys great reputation in the Alliance and among the local population of the country you are being deployed to. I believe and I am convinced that your actions and highly professional attitude will not compromise this. Good functioning of a contingent is not a self-evident fact. Every detail must fit into the mosaic to make the whole picture perfect. But in order to make it perfect, you should ensure that values such as patriotism, honour, courage, loyalty, devotion and esprit de corps are not empty words, but are reflected in your acts.“

The tasks of the contingent, which works under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Miha Kuhar, include the maintaining of a secure and stable environment and free movement of persons, as well as the provision of conditions for the transfer of responsibilities to civilian authorities, and the protection of buildings of special importance such as the monastery at Visoki Dečani. The majority of KFOR SVNCON 35, which includes a manoeuvre company with the pertaining logistics element, six Liaison Monitoring Teams, National Support Element and a Military Police team is composed of members of the 1st Brigade. Several members will perform their tasks within KFOR multinational headquarters.

Photo: Martina Podkrižnik, 1st Brigade