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430th Naval Division takes part in regional exercises with all its capabilities

The Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) 430th Naval Division with all its capabilities is another active participant of this year's regional multinational military exercises. From Thursday, 16 May, to Thursday, 30 May, the Underwater Special Operations Detachment will work with a group of divers of the Montenegrin Navy. First, both units conducted a series of integration drills, during which members of both armed forces tested their readiness to exercise underwater inspection of the area of operation with various methods as well as to secure the port both underwater and on the surface. Further, the joint units of partner armed forces will inspect navigable waterways with sonars and conduct counter-bomb inspection of the mooring intended to be used by two allied vessels at the end of the month. The underwater part of the port’s disembarkation area will also be monitored using the system for detection of persons, objects and vessels under the water surface (SIPOD - SONARDYNE SENTINEL). A total of 14 members of the SAF Underwater Special Operations Detachment are being trained, complemented by an 8-member diver team of Montenegrin Navy.

Meanwhile, the crews of the multi-purpose patrol boat Triglav and the fast-patrol boat Ankaran sail the Slovenian territorial sea as planned and guarantee the broad protection of the sea area. Yesterday, members of the Destruction of Unexploded Ordnance Platoon already departed to the Croatian training area Slunj, where they form a part of the Slovenian military contingent mostly composed of members of the SAF 72nd Brigade.

During the regional exercises, which this year follow the overall motto "Stronger Together", members of the 430th Naval Division in cooperation with allies train command and control procedures as well as various tactical procedures at sea. In this way, they maintain or raise their competence and readiness to ensure an appropriate response in a changed security environment.

The SAF naval unit is responsible for the protection of the sea in the disembarkation area of the port, detection of unexploded ordnance and provision of pyrotechnic support to the activities on land. The tasks are planned and managed by the Maritime Operations Centre of the 430th Naval Division.

The Slovenian Armed Forces and the 430th Naval Division on its behalf has had traditionally good cooperation with the Montenegrin Navy since the very beginning of the country’s independence proclaimed in 2006. In 2006, the crews collaborated for the first time at the Adrion Livex exercise in Italy. They collaborate most actively within the Adrion initiative, while both armed forces complement the cooperation with bilateral activities such as the Adrian Pool exercise, and various training events (e.g. training of mine disposal divers). As early as in June, they will again work on their interoperability in the territorial waters of Montenegro at the Adrion Livex exercise, where the Slovenian Armed Forces participate with its multi-purpose patrol boat Triglav.

Photo: Corporal Damjan Vodenik