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1st Brigade verified the capabilities of the Slovenian Armed Forces in the EU Battle Group

Between 3 and 5 April, the 1st Brigade conducted an alert drill of Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) capabilities assigned to the EU Battle Group (EUBG 2017-1) with the aim to determine the readiness of SAF capabilities assigned to EUBG 2017-1. Verification included an alert drill and a determination of adequacy of the stored assets and alert procedures.

After the drill, the EUBG motorised company moved to the Baron Andrej Čehovin barracks, where it was stationed for field training, which aimed at maintaining the company’s readiness. The motorised company, which is mostly manned by members of the 10th Infantry Regiment, also includes members of the SAF 1st Brigade’s Combat Support Battalion, 132nd Mountain Regiment, 157th Logistics Regiment and a team of medical assistants from the Military Medical Unit who are undergoing additional training in collective tasks, such as convoy escorting, patrolling, establishment of check points, protection of civilians, and medical evacuation. By taking advantage of the training area in the most optimal way as well as with the quality work of all training participants, the company’s intent is to enter the second period of EUBG 17-1 readiness even more qualified for the assigned tasks.

Slovenian Armed Forces EUBG 17-1 contingent includes 194 members. It is composed of a motorised company, Military Police team, logistics support element and individual members assigned to different EUBG and regiment commands.
EU Battle Groups were formed as quick response forces intended for rapid deployment of European Union troops and their reaction in the areas of conflict within a 6,000 km ratio around Brussels. A Battle Group is about 1,500 personnel strong and fully deployable. During operations, it is sustainable for 30 – 120 days. Its tasks include the separation of belligerent parties, prevention of conflicts, evacuation operations, including non-combat evacuations, and support of humanitarian operations.

By taking part in the regional Defence Cooperation Initiative (DECI), the Slovenian Armed Forces continues and upgrades its participation in the Multinational Land Force (MLF), thus contributing importantly to security efforts.

Photo: 1st Brigade, SAF