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The Slovenian Armed Forces provide military defence independently or as part of an alliance in accordance with international agreements.


In cooperation with the Alliance, the Slovenian Armed Forces provide military defence of the Republic of Slovenia (RS), deter military aggression against the Republic of Slovenia, re-establish national sovereignty on the entire territory, and contribute to international peace and stability.


Mission-essential tasks of the Slovenian Armed Forces consist of maintaining operational readiness, activating and mobilising forces, deploying forces to the area of operation, and conducting defensive and offensive operations.
Other tasks include contributing to international peace, security and stability, and providing support in ensuring the safety and welfare of RS citizens.

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The fundamental purpose of international military cooperation is the implementation of activities which effectively and directly support the efforts of the Republic of Slovenia as a partner and full member of NATO and the EU.
Since 29 March 2004, when Slovenia joined the North-Atlantic Alliance, the Slovenian Armed Forces have taken an even more active part in supporting international peace. Their activities comprise the participation of Slovenian Armed Forces members in peace support operations and humanitarian activities.
Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces have participated in international operations and missions in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Mali, Iraq OIR and Latvia. Currently,  more than 340 service members of the Slovenian Armed Forces are participating in 12 missions.
The Slovenian Armed Forces also participate in allied structures with national military representations.

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The Slovenian Armed Forces consist of active and reserve component members.
The active component of the Slovenian Armed Forces is composed of career members, while the reserve component includes citizens who have signed a contract to serve in the contract reserve.

As of July 2019, the Slovenian Armed Forces have 6,492 active component personnel and 710 contract reserve personnel.

The active component includes professional service members: soldiers, non-commissioned officers, officers, military specialists (military personnel) and civilians. Civilians are employed in the armed forces but do not perform military service.

The Slovenian Armed Forces include 16,5% of female members of the active component and the first female CHOD in the history of the Alliance.

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The Slovenian Armed Forces are not divided into branches but include nine services: infantry, armoured units, aviation, naval units, artillery, air defence, engineering, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence, and signals.

In terms of their combat role, the Slovenian Armed Forces are divided into combat forces, combat support forces, combat service support forces and command support forces.

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