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  Armed Forces

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  E: glavna.pisarna.gssv(at)

Personal Equipment

Ultra Light Laptop Computer with GPS

The Slovenian Armed Forces have at their disposal new, ultra light laptop computers 'Itronix GoBook MR-1' which are characterized by small size, touch screen display, integrated GPS and wireless communication. This type of computers supports the OS Windows XP, which ensures the operation of all applications already used by the Slovenian Armed Forces. Computers are fitted with the BMS (Battle Management System) application which provides combatants with the possibility of:

- Orientation in space and time,
- Exchange of information with the parent vehicle and other combatants within the network,
- Entry and exchange of information on the adversary,
- Exchange of orders with graphic attachments,
- Production of tactical messages,
- Display of the common battlefield picture.

'Itronix MR-1' computers are used by specific types of users, namely:
- Forward artillery observers,
- Special operations units,
- Patrol leaders in SAF missions,
- Military police.

Processing 1,2 GHz Intel Core Solo U1400 + 533MHz FSB
Hard disk 40 GB
GPS Integrated
Communication 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x RS232, TPM v 1.2
Power supply 2 x battery 7.4V 7600 mAh (Lithium-Ion), battery life: 6 hours
OS Windows XP
Screen 2048 x 1536 VGA, touch screen display
Standards MIL-STD 810F and IP54/IEC 60529
Dimensions 39 mm x 152 mm x 110 mm
Weight 0,91 kg