Naval Equipment and Vessels

Multi-purpose patrol boat Triglav 11

The boat is primarily used for the surveillance of coastline and port water area in the territorial waters of the Republic of Slovenia. Fitted with additional equipment, it can provide support for divers and participate in search and rescue missions at sea. Search and rescue missions at sea include search and rescue of people and assistance in the prevention of major pollutions at sea.

Type Svetlyak
Displacement 375 tons
Dimensions 49,5 × 9,2 × 2,2 m
Engine 3x MTU 16V4000M73L 2880 kW,
Drive 3 propellers, variable propeller fitted at the bow
Speed 30 knots
Fuel endurance 7 days
Crew capacity 25 + 12 additional personnel (according to tasks)
Weapons AK-306 automatic gun (six-barrel 30 mm gun),
  2 x MTPU 14.5 mm machine guns,
  SHTURM anti-ship missile system,
  IGLA-2 man-portable air defence system,
  PK-10 anti-missile projectiles