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Light Infantry and Support Armament

RGW 90 mm Man-Portable Recoilless Rocket Launcher

The RGW 90 man-portable recoilless rocket launcher is a single-use anti-tank multi-purpose weapon fired from a shoulder. It is designed to destroy armoured targets and fortified facilities.

The RGW recoilless rocket launcher is characterized by simple use, high warhead penetration, accuracy of fire and short recoil spring. It can be fired also from a closed space and is handled by one soldier. The weapon, with the exception of additional sighting mechanisms, is discarded after use.

Manufacturer: Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH, Germany.

It has been in operational use in the Slovenian Armed Forces since 2008.

Calibre: 90mm
Length: 1000mm (transport position), 1150mm (HEAT position)
Weight 8,9kg
Maximum range: 500m
Penetration: 450mm RHA