Light Infantry and Support Armament


The Spike system is autonomous, man-portable, electro-optical, third generation anti-tank guided missile with an automatic tracking system. It is characterized by high accuracy of fire and armour penetration.

It is designed to destroy the opponent's armoured vehicles within 4000m range, at day and night, as well as during periods of bad visibility. It can also be used in combat against helicopters and selected point targets. The system is handled by a three-man crew. It is used by infantry units and can be mounted to various vehicles and helicopters.

Manufacturer: Eurospike GmbH, Germany.

It has been in operational use in the Slovenian Armed Forces since 2009.

Missile diameter: 107mm
Missile length: 1050mm, 1140mm (skupaj z lansirno cevjo)
Missile weight: 10,5kg, 13,3kg (skupaj z lansirno cevjo)
System weight: 26,6kg
Maximum range: 200-4000m