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Light Infantry and Support Armament

9mm Beretta M92 FS Semi-Automatic Pistol

The Beretta M92 FS is a basic personal defence weapon used by officers, non-commissioned officers and specialist soldiers of the Slovenian Armed Forces. It is designed to destroy live targets by an accurate and direct fire within 50m range.

The Beretta M92FS is a semi-automatic pistol, working on the short recoil principle. It is based on a double-action trigger pull system, and equipped with a reliable safety mechanism. It is fed by detachable 15 round magazines.

Manufacturer: Beretta S.p.a., Italy.

It has been in operational use in the Slovenian Armed Forces since 1991.

Caliber: 9 mm
Cartrige: 9x19 (9 mm Para, 9 mm NATO, 9 mm long)
Lenght: 217 mm
Barrel length: 125 mm
Weight: 975 g (empty), 1136 g (loaded)