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Light Infantry and Support Armament

12.7 mm M2HB QCB Machine Gun


This multi-purpose heavy machine gun is designed to destroy live force and light armoured targets using direct fire on the ground, in the air and in the water, within 1850m range. It is a basic multi-purpose support weapon, usually mounted on a tripod or other platforms (vehicles, vessels, aircrafts).   

The M2HB QCB machine gun is an automatic weapon working on the short recoil principle. It has an air-cooled barrel equipped with a quick-change mechanism. The ammunition is issued in metallic link belts for 50 rounds, and can be fed into the weapon from the left or right side. The machine gun is handled by a two-man crew, and is capable of single shot or burst firing.

Manufacturer: FN Herstal S.A., Belgium.

It has been in operational use in the Slovenian Armed Forces since 2005.

Calibre: 12,7mm
Cartridge: 12,7x99
Lenght: 1655mm
Berrel lenght: 1143mm
Weight: 38kg
Rate of fire: 450-635 Rounds/minute