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  Armed Forces

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Light Infantry and Support Armament

5.56mm FN F 2000 S Automatic Rifle

The F 2000 S is a bull-pup (cartridge packet behind the trigger) gas-operated rifle. It is locked with a rotating bolt in forward position. The weapon is smooth and curved. It has no sharp or sticking out parts which could hinder the shooter. Due to its complete form and optimal distribution of materials, it is comfortable to carry and use.

The rifle is made of highly durable plastic material. Only most burdened parts are made of steel: the barrel, bolting mechanism parts, frame and some smaller integral parts. The barrel is grooved, cold-forged and chromium-plated. The rifle enables single or burst firing. It uses standard NATO 5.56 x 45 cartridges and is fed by 30 round M16 magazines. Due to its unique ejection system - ejecting spent cartridge casings forward, and the regulation of fire, it is suitable for left and right-handed shooters.

The rifle is modular and easily adjustable without the use of additional tools (under-barrel grenade launcher, hand guard pieces with built-in laser sights and halogen tactical lights). It is equipped with a standard assembly rail to which various sighting mechanisms and other fire accessories can be fitted.
Besides classic mechanical optics, new automatic rifles used by the Slovenian Armed Forces are fitted also with an optical sighting mechanism produced by an American manufacturer Trijicon, and reflex optics produced by a Swedish manufacturer Aimpoint.

Action: gas-operated, rotating bolt
Calibre: 5,56mm NATO
Cartridge: 5.56 x 45, standard SS109 cartridge, L110 tracer cartridge
Weight: 4,2 kg – empty, including an optical sighting mechanism
Lenght: 688 mm
Barrel lenght: 400 mm
Effective range: 500 m
Theoretical rate of fire: 850 rounds/minute