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Light Infantry and Support Armament

5.56 mm FN MINIMI Light Machine Gun

The 5.56 mm Minimi Para Light Machine Gun is an air-cooled, gas-operated automatic weapon. It is used for direct support of friendly units. It can be installed on a tripod or a mounting device of vehicles, helicopters and boats and used as a light machine gun. The 'Para' model, selected by the Slovenian Armed Forces, is characterized by a telescopic stock and hydraulic damper.

The Minimi light machine gun was developed in 1970 in the factory FN (Fabrique Nationale Herstal, Belgium) at the request of the United States Armed Forces. In 1982 the series production of this weapon started, and so far over 50,000 pieces have been made. It is used in over 30 countries: Australia (F 89), Canada (C 9), Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, etc. The Minimi Para Light Machine Gun is a well-established, extremely reliable and robust weapon.

Weapons used by the Slovenian Armed Forces are fitted with an optical sighting mechanism produced by a Canadian manufacturer Elcan, and reflex fibre optics produced by a Swedish manufacturer Aimpoint.

Action: gas-operated, open bolt, air-cooled
Cartridge: 5,56 x 45 , Type: SS 109
Weight: 7,26 kg (empty), 10,12 kg (loaded)
Length: 780 mm
Barrel length: 349 mm
Effective range: 600 m (point targets), 800 m (group targets), 1000 m (neutralizing fire)
Theoretical rate of fire: 800 rounds/minute
Optimal rate of fire: 85 rounds/minute (using the same barrel)