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Light Infantry and Support Armament

40mm FN LG1 Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher

The 40mm LG1 grenade launcher is intended to be used with F 2000 S automatic rifles and represents one of the additional modules which can be fitted to the rifle without the use of additional tools. It is made of plastic material, with the barrel and bolting mechanism being made of metal. The grenade launcher enables single firing. It uses a straight-pull bolt system and a double-action trigger mechanism, and is blocked with a rotating barrel.

The grenade launcher can be used by right and left-handed shooters without any additional adjustments. Shooters handle the grenade launcher with the same hand as they handle a rifle – with no unnecessary grips or loss of balance.

The grenade launcher uses 40mm cartridges and enables single firing. It is equipped with a mechanical sight using a 50m sighting scale.

Action: straight-pull bolt system, rotating barrel blocking system, double-action trigger system
Calibre: 40 mm LV
Cartrige: 40 x 46, various types
Weight: 1.2 kg
Lenght: 720 mm (including the rifle)
Barrel length: 230 mm
Effective range: 350 m