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  Armed Forces

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Light Infantry and Support Armament

12.7 mm PGM Hecate Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle of this calibre represents a new trend and also a need of military units to engage remote and armoured targets. It is a single-shot repeating weapon (bolt action). The barrel is free floating and inserted into an aluminum frame. The power of return thrust is reduced due to the usage of an efficient gas brake. The stock is folding and adjustable. The rifle is fed by 7-round magazines and is characterized by the best combination of accuracy, range and durability when used in extreme conditions.

It is produced by a French manufacturer PGM Precision under the auspices of the Belgian group FN Herstal.

Weapons used by the Slovenian Armed Forces are fitted with an optical sighting mechanism produced by an Australian manufacturer Night Force, and night fibre optics produced by a Norwegian manufacturer Simrad.

Action: repeating weapon, single action
Cartridge: 12,7 x 99 (’50 Cal)
Weight: 15,8 kg
Lengt: 1400 mm (extended stock), 1120 mm (folded stock)
Barrel lenght: 700 mm
Magazine capacity: 7 rounds
Effective range: 2200 m