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Combat Vehicles – Wheeled Vehicles

SKOV (Middle Wheeled Armoured Vehicle) XC 400, 8 x 8 Svarun

The armoured transporter is a basic combat vehicle used by motorized battalions. It is intended to provide safe transport to infantry units, as well as to destroy the adversary's live force, armoured and other combat resources.

Type Middle wheeled armoured vehicle
Crew 2 + 9
Armament 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher, 76mm smoke launchers
Cartridge 800 x 12.7 mm or 128 x 40 mm, 16 x 76 mm smoke grenade
Sighting and surveillance mechanisms Day-camera, thermal imaging system and laser range finder
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Turning circle 18 m
Clearance 430 mm
Vertical obstacle 0,7 m
Horizontal obstacle 2,1 m
Maximum fording 2 m
Maximum inclination 70%
Maximum transverse inclination 40%
Cruising radius 700 km
Vehicle weight 23.300 kg
Maximum allowed loading 2.700 kg
Maximum allowed weight 26.000 kg
Engine Scania, six-cylinder turbo diesel engine, 405 kW at 2100 rev/min
Specific power 15,6 kW/t
Lenght 8.210 mm
Width 2.830 mm
Heihght 3.232 mm
C4I system  
Central tire inflation system  
Air conditioning