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Combat Vehicles – Tracked Vehicles

M-55 S Tank

The M-55 S tank is a combat tracked vehicle characterized by reactive armour and powerful armament intended to destroy the adversary’s live force, armoured and other combat vehicles, artillery, anti-tank missiles, bunkers, fortified facilities, obstacles and other fortification facilities.

Type of combat vehicle Middle tank
Crew 4
Armament 105mm gun, 7.62mm machine gun, 12mm machine gun
Cartrige 36 x 105 mm, 2800 x 7.62 mm, 250 x 12.7 mm
Lenght 2390 mm
Width (including lateral protection) 3500 mm
Height 2390 mm
Weight 38000 kg
Ground clearance 440 mm
Engine V 55, 580 KM
Maximum speed 50 km/h
Vertical obstacle 800 mm
Trench width 2,7 m
Fording Up to 1,4 m
Armour Reactive
Fire-protection system Yes
CBR protection Partial