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Combat Vehicles – Tracked Vehicles

BVP M-80

The BVP M-80, a combat amphibious vehicle, is a basic combat vehicle used by mechanized squads. It is intended to destroy the adversary’s live force, armoured and other combat resources on the ground, as well as air-space targets within the effective range of turret armament and personal armament of mechanized squads.

Type of Combat Vehicle Light armoured tracked vehicle, floating
Crew 3+7
Armament 20mm gun, 7.62mm machine gun, anti-tank guided missile ‘Maljutka’
Cartrige 400 x 20 mm, 2000 x 7.62 mm, 4 x anti-tank guided missile
Sighting and surveillance system Day/night passive sighting system
Length (including gun) 6420 mm
Width (including lateral protection) 2995 mm
Height 2200 mm
Weight 13.850 kg
Ground Clearance 400 mm
Engine dizel, 10 V 003, 235 kW (325 KM)
Maximum speed 65 km/h, 8 km/h when floating
Vertical obstacle 800 mm
Trench width 2,4 m
Fording Floats
Armour Steel, front protection against armour-piercing grenades up to 20 mm
Fire-protection system Yes
CBR protection Yes