CBRN Equipment

  • Light Protective Clothing
    It provides protection of people and their personal equipment against contamination with all identified warfare agents and other hazardous substances, biological agents and radioactive precipitations. It is for single use only.

  • Personal Decontamination Equipment
    It is used for self-care and first aid in the event of the contamination with various warfare agents and radioactive contaminants, as well as for water disinfection.

  • Portable Decontamination System (PSDS-10)
    It is used for complete decontamination of smaller material-technical means, weapons, vehicles, protective clothing (Blaschke) and spaces that can not be reached by a complete decontamination system.

  • M 95 Protective Mask
    The M-95 protective mask provides the protection of eyes, face, respiratory and digestive organs.

  • SSM-1 Radiation Protection Measuring Instrument
    It is used for radiation detection and measurement.