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Artillery and Air Defence

Igla Man-Portable Surface-to-Air-Missile-System

The Igla man-portable missile system (9k38) is designed to destroy visually observed jet, turbo-prop and piston-engine aircrafts and helicopters on head-on and tail-on courses under conditions of influence of natural (background) and false heat jamming.

Manufacturer: Russian Federation

It has been in operational use in the Slovenian Armed Forces since 1991.

Missile calibre 72.2 mm
Weapon combat weight 17,9 kg
Warhead explosive weight 0.4 kg
Missile self-destruction time 14-17 s
Maximum incoming target destruction height 3000 m
Maximum out coming target destruction height 3500 m
Minimum target destruction height 10 m
Slanting target destruction range Up to 5200 m
Maximum target speed:  
incoming 400 m/s
out coming 320 m/s
Reaction time 5 s
Operating temperature od -44 do +50 st. C
Jamming protection (IR baits), including rate of launch 0,21 s