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  Armed Forces

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Artillery and Air Defence

Cannon-Howitzer 155/45mm TN90

The Cannon-Howitzer 155/45 TN90 (M845) is designed to provide general artillery support. It enables firing within the 39 km range, depending on the feeding system and projectile type.

Type top–havbica TN 90
Barrel length 155 mm
Cartridge 45 calibre
Barrel length (including bolt) 7700 mm
Crew 8
Weight in travelling position 9400 kg
Lenght in travelling position 8900 mm
Elevation -3 to + 70 °
Traverse 84 °
Cartridge Blasting projectiles, smoke projectiles, extended range projectiles, cluster projectiles
Rate of fire 3 projectiles/minute
Projectile weight 43,1 kg
Maximum range 39000 m

Fire management digital support equipment

The system aims to enable a faster response and task implementation. It consists of the following subsystems:
- ATAC, Artillery Tactical Computer
- FTAC, Reconnaissance Tactical Computer
- METEO, Meteorological Tactical Computer
- SURVEY, Topographical Tactical Computer
- GTAC, Military Tactical Computer