Republic of Slovenia
  Ministry of Defence
  General Staff of the Slovenian
  Armed Forces

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  SI-1000 Ljubljana
  T: +386 (0)1 471 22 11
  F: +386 (0)1 471 16 50
  E: glavna.pisarna.gssv(at)

Rank Insignia

 Rank insignia of the Slovenian Armed Forces include:

In addition, the Slovenian Armed Forces also use class insignia for junior and senior military specialists, a special category of military personnel in the Slovenian Armed Forces. 

On the battle dress, rank insignia are worn on the left chest pocket of the uniform, while on the service dress, they are worn on epaulettes.

Rank insignia of petty officers, navy officers and admirals are attached to the epaulettes and the lower part of both sleeves of the battle, service or ceremonial dress.



Insignia NATO
Lance Corporal OR-2
Corporal OR-3
Master Corporal OR-4

Non-commissioned officers

Insignia NATO
Sergeant OR-5
Staff Sergeant OR-6
Sergeant First Class OR-7
Master Sergeant OR-8
First Sergeant OR-8
Sergeant Major OR-9
Command Sergeant Major OR-9
Sergeant Major of the Armed Forces OR-9


Insignia NATO
Second Lieutenant OF-1
First Lieutenant OF-1
Captain OF-2
Major OF-3
Lieutenant Colonel OF-4
Colonel OF-5
Brigadier General OF-6


Insignia NATO
Ensign OF
Lieutenant Junior Grade OF-1
Lieutenant OF-2
Lieutenant Commander OF-3
Commander OF-4
Captain (N) OF-5
Commodore OF-6

Flag officers

Insignia NATO
Major General OF-7
Lieutenant General OF-8
General OF-9

Flag officers

Insignia NATO
Rear Admiral OF-7
Vice Admiral OF-8
Admiral OF-9

military specialists

Insignia NATO Code
Class I -
Class II -
Class III OR-5
Class IV OR-6
Class V OR-7
Class VI OR-8
Class VII OR-8
Class VIII OR-9

military specialists

Class IX OF-1
Class X OF-1
Class XI OF-2
Class XII OF-3
Class XIII OF-4
Class XIV OF-5
Class XV OF-6