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2006 to 2011

On 7 September 2006, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia decided to deploy 12 Slovenian Armed Forces members to operation UNIFIL and thereby contribute to the resolution of the situation in Lebanon.
First Slovenian military were deployed to operation UNIFIL in December 2006.
In February 2007, the largest Slovenian contingent with some 600 servicemembers was deployed to operation KFOR in Kosovo.
The core of the contingent was composed of members of the 10th Motorised Battalion.
This was the first time the battalion was in charge of its own area of responsibility and was in command of foreign troops from a NATO country.
By entering the Alliance, the Slovenian Armed Forces significantly changed and modernised its weapons.
Training with new weapons
By introducing the new automatic rifle FN F 2000 S, the Slovenian Armed Forces changed its weapons calibre to 5.56mm.
The sophisticated design and optimal distribution of weight of the rifle ensure that the rifle does not obstruct the user, and is used and transported comfortably.
Between 2006 and 2007, the Slovenian Armed Forces also acquired new sniper rifles.
Shooting drill with the new sniper rifle
In 2006, the Slovenian Armed Forces introduced 5.56mm FN MINIMI light machine guns into operational service. In infantry squads, the new machine gun replaced the old 7.62mm M-72 machine gun.

Shooting drill with 7.62mm MAG machine gun, which has been used by Slovenian Armed Forces members since 2006.
Slovenian military began to use anti-tank weapons SPIKE in 2009.
The 90mm DND RGW anti-tank weapon was introduced into operational service in 2008.
The Slovenian Armed Forces has been using the Hummer 4x4 Light Wheeled Armoured Vehicle since 1999.
The Hummer 4x4 Light Wheeled Armoured Vehicle was introduced into operational service in 2006.
For the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Svarun 8x8 Armoured Modular Vehicle was fabricated in four different versions.
Armoured carrier, commander’s vehicle, infantry fighting vehicle, and 120mm self-propelled mortar
The Slovenian Armed Forces acquired the first 13 vehicles on 3 July 2009.
Presentation of Svarun vehicles in 2009
The multipurpose boat Triglav 11 sailed into Slovenia in autumn 2010.
The multipurpose boat Triglav 11 will contribute importantly to the protection of Slovenian port water area.
In February 2010, the Slovenian Armed Forces signed the declaration on integration into NATO.