2001 to 2005

In 2003, Slovenia abolished conscription and professionalised its armed forces.
In 2002, the Slovenian Armed Forces introduces the first few 6x6 Valuk Light Armoured Vehicles into operational service.
Valuk vehicles had, however, been used and tested since 1999.
On 3 March 2003, the Training Centre in Vipava was founded.
In 2002, the Slovenian Armed Forces introduced Roland 2 missile systems into operational service.
With the short-range missile system Roland 2 the SAF upgraded its air defence system and increased its combat readiness.
When the Training Centre in Vipava was founded, professional military training also included female members.
At the time, professional female servicemembers were a novelty in the Slovenian Armed Forces.
The Slovenian Armed Forces prepared a plan of transition to the professionalised armed forces, titled the PROVOJ project – professional armed forces complemented with contracted reserve.
The aim of the PROVOJ project was to form a military organisation based on the voluntary, active and reserve components…
… capable of fulfilling all missions and tasks both within the national defence system and the Alliance.
Role 2 medical unit was acquired in 2004 and erected for the first time in 2005.

On 29 March 2004, Slovenia became a full NATO member.
In 2003, the Slovenian Armed Forces initiated the 21st Century Warrior project, which included renewal and upgrading of equipment and weapons.
In 2004, the Slovenian Armed Forces replaced its old brown and grey service uniform with a new one.
The main reason for this was the formation of a new professional armed force as well as Slovenia’s NATO and EU membership
In 2004, the Slovenian Armed Forces introduced Cougar helicopters into operational use.
The AS AL 532 Cougar helicopter is also used for mountain warfare training.
The Slovenian Armed Forces began to organise student camps, where students from different faculties can experience military life.
In 2004, the Slovenian Armed Forces deployed its servicemembers to ISAF mission in Afghanistan for the first time.
Slovenian servicemembers work in Herat in the western part of Afghanistan and Kabul in the east of the country.
In addition to other tasks, Slovenian military in Afghanistan protect the military camp in Herat and perform duties at check points.
The Slovenian Armed Forces has been a part of the Multinational Land Force since 1999 when this brigade-level unit was founded.
Slovenian Armed Forces members were first deployed abroad (Kosovo) within the MLF in 20014.