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1991 to 1995

Swearing-in ceremony of Slovenian soldiers in the Training Centre at Ig, 2 June 1991
Swearing-in ceremonies were also organised outside the barracks with the aim to present the Slovenian Armed Forces to the general public.
Preparing for the first formation of SAF Guard of Honour upon Slovenia’s declaration of independence

The Slovenian Armed Forces trained conscripts between 1991 and 2003.
Conscript training, Celje 1994
A glimpse of SAF conscript training in early 1990s
The Slovenian Armed Forces has been using Bell 412 helicopters since 1992.
Crew of the Bell 412 helicopter acquired by the Slovenian Armed Forces in 1992. Many of them are used for mountain rescue missions.
The Bell 412 helicopters are also used for search and rescue missions.
In 1994, the then Minister of Defence Janez Janša solemnly opened the School of Foreign Languages.
Exercise Cooperative Nugget 95 in the USA was the first international exercise attended by members of the Slovenian Armed Forces.
In 1995, Slovenian military participated in their first international exercise.
The development of the Slovenian Armed Forces also included the development of its ceremonial segment and, consequently, in 1993, the 106th Ceremonial Company was formed from the former 52nd Brigade.