About the Slovenian Armed Forces

The Slovenian Armed Forces provide military defence independently or within an alliance, in accordance with international agreements.


In co-operation with the Alliance:

  • provide military defence of the Republic of Slovenia (RS),
  • deter military aggression against the Republic of Slovenia,
  • re-establish national sovereignty on the entire territory,
  • contribute to international peace and stability.


Mission essential tasks:

  • maintain operational readiness,
  • activate and mobilise forces,
  • deploy forces to the area of operation,
  • conduct defensive operations,
  • conduct offensive operations.

Other tasks:

  • contribute to international peace, security and stability,
  • support in ensuring the safety and welfare of RS citizens.

Composition of the Slovenian Armed Forces

The Slovenian Armed Forces are manned with active and reserve component members.

Slovenian Armed Forces active component is composed of career members, while the reserve component includes citizens who have signed a contract for service in the contract reserve.

Composition of the Slovenian Armed Forces - updated in December 2018 Number Percentage
Active component 6642 88,9 %
Contract reserve 828 11,1 %
Total 7470 100 %

Active component

The active component includes professional servicemembers: soldiers, non-commissioned officers, officers, military specialists (military personnel) and civilians. Civilians are employed within the armed forces; however, they do not perform military service.

Active Component of the Slovenian Armed Forces - updated in December 2018 Number Percentage
Officers 1074 16.2 %
Non-commissioned officers 1968 29.6 %
Soldiers 2579 38.8 %
Senior military specialists 259 3.9 %
Junior military specialists 328 4.9 %
Civilians 434 6.6 %
Total 6642 100 %
Men 5549 83.5 %
Women 1093 16.5 %

Reserve component (contract reserve)

The reserve component of the Slovenian Armed Forces is composed of the citizens who have voluntarily concluded a contract with the Ministry of Defence on service in the Slovenian Armed Forces contract reserve.

Voluntary military service

Since the abolishment of conscription, the Slovenian Armed Forces provides citizens with a possibility of voluntary military service.